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Caption for Two Dales, Chesterfield Road C1960: This hamlet on the Chesterfield Road out of Darley Dale is known as Two Dales; the name probably comes from the twin valleys of Hall Dale and Sydnope Dale, which run on either side of the settlement.

Memories of Two Dales, Chesterfield Road c1960

I lived at Bridge cottage from 1955 to 1964. Just across the road from the Blacksmiths Arms with the Plough Inn at our rear, and the Nags Head in the middle of the village there was no shortage of pubs for the adults. Two Dales in those days was almost self sufficient with Hayes the bakers, I was at school with Julie (...Read full memory)

My grandfather, Walter Walker, used to own the Blacksmith Arms public house in Two Dales which has now been converted into cottages with houses built in what was the garden and orchard. My father was brought up in the pub and left the village when he married my mother, an evacuee from Croydon. As children, my brother and (...Read full memory)

I lived in the house on the right (Hazel House) just before the bakery from 1958-1988. Many memories of there.  Anyone with any memories of Two Dales, please don´t hesitate to contact.

My parents and older sisters Margaret, Cynthia, Brenda and Christine lived at Tax Farm, Two Dales in the late 1930s - early 1940s - surname Taylor. They attended Darley Dale School and have very fond memories of being there.

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