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Growing Up In Tyldesley

A Memory of Tyldesley.

I was born in 1958 and brought up in Green Street which was facing the Conservative club. I went to St George's junior school where the headmaster was Mr Hosfield; a disciplinarian but very fair. After school I would play football with my mates kicking the ball against the garage door of the original police station which was on the corner of Green street and Stanley street. Fond memories include: Ratcliffes fruit and veg van, the old co-op on Stanley street, sitting on the library steps with my mates, building a bonfire on the common, the arrival of the wakes, playing putting on the park and football on the little common, etc etc. Great days that you think will be with you forever then suddenly one day they are gone.

With thanks to Adrian White for this memory of Tyldesley

Added 16 December 2013


Comments & Feedback

I was born 1954 in Liverpool. When I was 2 my dad had recently left the Royal Navy and joined the police. My dads first police posting was to Tyldesley. We lived in a flat over the
police station at the corner of Green street and Stanley street, we were there for about 2 years so there's a chance that Adrian and I might have been neighbours for a while. My earliest memory is in that flat. I was lying in a big bed, there was a string hanging over my head and I was pulling it, then there was lots of smoke billowing out of the end of the bed, my mum rushed up to the bed and pulled the smoking covers off. Much later in life I shared this earliest of memories with my mum and she told me that in the flat over the police station I was in her bed alone. I had been playing with the light pull switch and connected to the light socket was an electric blanket that my granddad had made. Yes believe it or not - a homemade electric blanket!! The blanket had been kicked into a ball at the bottom of the bed where it caught light. Fortunately my mum smelled the smoke and came rushing in to save the day!!
By the 1959 we had moved out of the police station flat and into a house on Astley street. I don't remember the house number but I know which house it is. Its not far past the park entrance. I remember coming down Astley street with my dad on his bike with me sitting on the handlebars and sitting back against his arms. We shot down the hill and under the railway bridge at what seemed like an incredible speed (it probably was!). It's probably the drama that caused me to retain these early memories. We later moved to 402 Chaddock Lane, Astley. I went to school in Tyldesley but don't remember that apart from getting kicked in the face in the sand pit (memory retained through drama again!). Then there was St Stevens school Astley and Tyldesley boys before moving away for good in 1967.

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