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Other Memories from Tyldesley

My name is Mary Jenkins. Kurtz, I was born in Tyldesley. In 1942.I spent many hours at the Tyldesley park and playing on the station field Oh how I Miss those Steam Engines.I came to the USA in 1960,My children grew up hearing all about my childhood and how wonderful it was.I would never want to change my childhood with the children of today 2022.

I also lived on Lime Street #23 I was born in Farnworth in `1951 moved to Tyldesley when I was about 5 or 6. Shortly after moving to lime street I attended St Georges school, the only teacher I really remember is Mr. Green. Went to the sally-ann at the bottom of Lime St for a while. Played on the spare ground just down the road quite a lot. Kids I remember from then are Stan Prescott, and Thomas O'Connor Evens toffee shop ...see more

Hi I live in Auckland New Zealand, but my grandparents came here from Tyldesley in 1922 with their three young children. Both my grandfather Fred Needham, born in 1889, and my grandmother Charlotte Dutton, born in 1898, were born in Tyldesley. Fred married Charlotte Dutton and Fred’s brother Tom married Charlotte’s sister Lillie. Both couples plus Fred and Tom’s sister Martha Ann came out to NZ, at ...see more

Born in 1947 my family lived in Gin Pit at No 2 Lord Street. In those days there were huge slag heaps just over a stream at the bottom of the village and a pond at the bottom of Lord Street. We used to skate on it in the winter as it was always frozen. A railway line ran along and besides School Street up past the Welfare and to Tyldesley carrying the coal from the pits. We moved in 1952 to the new houses at ...see more

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