Ulverston, Canal Foot 1923
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The Ulverston Canal was opened in 1796 to connect the town with the Leven Estuary, and to enable trade, both exports and imports, to be increased. At only a mile long, it is the shortest canal in England, and also the straightest and deepest. It was surveyed by the celebrated engineer John Rennie. The lock gates, through which 944 vessels passed in 1846, were concreted up in 1949.

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For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Ulverston

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The park cannot have been built long in this photo - our house at the north eastern end of the park was built in 1904 and was bought by the station master of Ulverston at the time. we moved there in 1968 and as we had no garden to speak of the 'Park' was our garden and many a happy hour we spent there. We could squeeze through a gap in the railings and played from morning to sunset when 'Parky' came to lock up swinging ...see more
Jacksons toy shop -top of town - kiddie heaven
My memory relates to the Gas Lamp which formerly stood in the centre of County Square in Ulverston. It was erected in front of the County Hotel which stood on what is now the site of the Coronation Hall.I understand that the Council first sought approval of the Manager of the Hotel as to the design of the Gas Lamp.Additionally I was told that the Lantern at the top of the Lamp originally came from Picadilly in ...see more
The thin half of the world's greatest movie comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, was born in Foundry Cottages, Ulverston, now Argyle St., in 1890. He was born and lived in his grandparents' home until the age of 6. His grandfather, George Metcalfe, ran the shoemender's shop in Newlands Bottom, which fascinated the little boy. Christened Arthur Stanley Jefferson, Stan spent a lot of his Ulverston boyhood around the ...see more