Upleatham, Upleatham Hall c.1885

Photo ref: 18141

Memories of Upleatham

We lived in Upleatham, my gran, grandad and my mum and dad. I was really young and my grandparents had lived there for a long time. We lived in a row of houses as the centre of the village and my grandad worked in the local saw mill and had other jobs. We had no electricity and no running hot or cold water. We had an outhouse at (...Read full memory)

I have happy childhood memories of walks to Upleatham's tiny church with my dad when I spent 15 years of my childhood living at Skelton. We would walk to the church through the fields from Barns Farm. Even though I was so young I rember my mum saying that the little church had work done on it and so Dad took me along to (...Read full memory)

I have a photograph taken from the same angle on a day I will always remember. It was Easter Sunday 21st April 1957. So many things have happened since those days, but I remember that event very well.

When hebditch the builder built eskdale house in carlin how, its believed that a fireplace from upleatham hall was put into eskdale's hallway , the fireplace is still in situ and has a fire in it as I write . It would seem quite plausible , as its quite a grand afair !,

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