Upminster, Station Road c.1955

Memories of Upminster

So many memories of Upminster in growing up, thankfully my memory is still intact. Wonder how many people remember the following, Silver Horn sold the most delicious ice cream in Corbets Tey Road. Unigate dairy was at the back of the now Rooms furniture store, with the milk dispenser machine in Station Road selling (...Read full memory)

Great site, so,pleased to find it. Lived in Cranham for 15 years and just loved Upminster for shopping, a particular favorite being Roomes. I left the area about 15 years ago and went back to visit a short while ago. Still in shock, so many of the smaller shops are gone, felt so sad, it is not,the Upminster that lived (...Read full memory)

My dad was a young soldier with The Kings own Scottish Borders. They were stationed (billeted) in Upminster around the old windmill area. Before they left for the Normandy invasion, they spent lots of time socializing at the Upminster Bridge Bridgehouse pub. There they came across the famously 'Gay' George Hurrell. (...Read full memory)

I lived near Upminster Bridge from 1947 to 1967, I went to Cedar Avenue Primary School, I remember the headmaster was Mr Ford. Also recall Mr Duffield, and Mr Jenkins. I have happy memories of playing in the park, seemed so huge then! I have vague memories of my Mum taking me to a lake behind Swan Libraries in St Mary's (...Read full memory)

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