Memories of Upper Arley

Hoping that this may spark a memory and help me. I have a five year gap in my life and the name Arley springs up a lot. Its not the one in Cheshire. My Godmother would drive me down from Glasgow and then leave me there, at first I thought it was friends, but reading the memories, more springs back. One lady mentioned the (...Read full memory)

This memory is written on behalf of June knight. All my sympathies to Ja Ja's family. I have a lovely poem written in my autograph book from when we were at Arley in 1946.

I was amazed to see this website!I was at Arley for the whole of the Second World War. The memories that I have are happy ones and I was looking for the prospectus that I was sure I had when I thought of going online. The names leapt out at me.I too kept in touch with Millie for several years, but lost touch when she moved south. (...Read full memory)

We played tic off ground all over the school and grounds. The tree named the ship was a fallen beech tree on the right of the left hand path round the arbouretum. It was ideal for chasing and leaping. Not so ideal was the dormitory furniture after lights out! One night I leapt from the bed to the washstand, hit the wash bowl which (...Read full memory)

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