Upton, Thermopylae Pass c.1950

Memories of Upton, Thermopylae Pass c1950

I was brought up in Claughton Village (Wirral) and in the holidays as children we regularly walked through Bidston Hill to Thermopylae Pass.  We would spend all day on the Hill and at Thermopylae and walk home at the end of the day exhausted and happy after playing and running about all day.  At the time we didn't know its real (...Read full memory)

Dear Joan, Thank you for your contact. It was a wonderful surprise. I am sure a shared memory amplifies the nostalgia. I logged in to FF and got very teary (I am a big strong boy 73) and memories flooded back. I too played on Bidston Hill and Thermopylae Pass was a favourite Sunday walk with my wonderful dad. (...Read full memory)

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