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I moved from Liverpool twenty six years ago. I lived in Aughton Road, number seven, and went to Orrell Primary School. I remember all the shops at the end of Aughton Rd; Bradys sweet shop, Cousins, Gallaghers sweet shop, fruit and veg ...Read more

A memory of Bootle in 1870 by David Lunt

My Bootle 1971 76

I was born and brought up on Monfa Road, number 27 next to the junction of Aughton Road. Great memories of Bootle at that time. Mrs Gallagher's shop at the bottom of Aughton next to Orrell Primary School was a treat, lovely ...Read more

A memory of Bootle by Ian Breeze

Boyhood Days

My dad Leslie had the Talbot Hotel in Portland St from 1955 to 1964, and I went to Sefton St School and then to Bickerton House School in York Rd. I can remember going to Miss Walshe's riding school in Aughton Road where the famous ...Read more

A memory of Southport in 1960 by timothy


I was born in Ormskirk 1959, My parents were John & June Carr of Sephton Drive, we lived at number 21. I have five brothers. We attended West End, and Crosshall High School, My Grandfather Thomas Gabbitas lived near the Gas works in ...Read more

A memory of Ormskirk by Sandra Lee

Frank Shepherd

Frank's father, Bill Shepherd, of Yew Tree Road, Ormskirk, bought Brandreth House in order to expand his business, C in C products of Moor Street. Frank was my oldest friend going back to about 3 or 4 years of age. When they moved ...Read more

A memory of Ormskirk in 1940 by John Parker

Fluids Lane

I moved to Oadby in 1969 as a 9 year old. I also remember many happy days playing along Fluids Lane, in the stream, building and breaking down dams, going into the fields, scrumping and getting caught on more than one occasion. Such a shame it is no longer the same.

A memory of Oadby in 1969 by Nicola Bellot

A Night Out At The Theatre

I met a lovely lady from Baughton Lane while living in central London, the lady's name was at the time Miss Delphine Sherriff. She told where she lived and I have been around your most beautiful landscape. After meeting ...Read more

A memory of Baughton in 1986 by Brian Galvin

Look Out For The Policeman!

This photograph of Southport shows a member of the local constabulary on point duty in Lord Street in the mid 1950s. The wearing of white coats was introduced in some towns during the Second World War, and gave ...Read more

A memory of Southport in 1955 by Julia Skinner

Orange Rolling

Orange rolling, Good Friday afternoon up the 'orange pit'. There used to be crowds of people all chasing little oranges down the hill. Never quite sure what you did if you caught one, I'm sure it wouldn't have been fit to eat! Is ...Read more

A memory of Dunstable by Merv Thomas

I Went To School Here

I went to school at Haughton Hall around the time I was 8 or 9. It was for a few years because our school had been burnt down in Madeley, St Marys .. what a spooky cold gloomy place! If ever I went to a haunted building ...Read more

A memory of Shifnal in 1985 by Louise Evans