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Other Memories from Wallsend

while i was at the western I used to deliver papers in area of palmer bui;dings ,mark street ,charles street etc,,the newsagents was at high street east a Mr Mcgucken or something like that ..On sundays we met up at Wallsend railway station about 6 in the morning where we collected papers and was taken back to shop then went out delivering.. Ernie Walker

I attended western from about 1955 to 1960,Mr Taylor was our form teacher music was Mr bell,Mr proctor took science..Mr Goodfellow took woodwork also Mr Spencer woodwork,,Mr Schofields was the history teacher,, I think it was Mr Heward was the head,,I thought Mr Taylor was quite fair,,There was 5 cinemas in wallsend at the time The ritz, which is where weatherspoon is ,,Gaumont at other end of high ...see more

Queuing up to go and see our films on a Saturday morning and singing the song about the abc minors. The words are as follows.We are the boys and girls well known as minors of the abc and every Saturday we line up to see the films we like and shout aloud with glee we like to laugh and have our sing song just a happy crowd are we were all pals together we minors of the abc. When the films broke ...see more

I attended the Western from 1964 until 1968. Mr Heward was the Head. He was strict but also fair. Other teachers that I remember are Messrs Burse, Thompson, Seaton, Spencer, Goodfellow and Taylor. Mainly all good guys with the exception of Taylor the science teacher. The Western was a small school and was a very pleasant building inside. The girls school was separate and was a mirror image of the boys school. The ...see more

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