Old Maps of Walthamstow

Historic Maps of Walthamstow and the local area.

I was born in 1931 at 73Maynard Road and went to Maynard Road School. On the outbreak of war in 1939 I was evacuated to Bedford, then later during the war to Leicester. Our house was bombed in early 1941 and we moved into 347 Hoe Street. Our family lived there until I married Pat Franks of Ivy Rd, Leyton in 1952. (...Read full memory)

I was born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital in 1941 and grew up in Erskine Road Walthamstow which led on to Walthamstow Market. My brother Barry and I would be given a threepenny bit piece by our granddad who lived with our nan five doors away. We would spend it in 'Tony's' Ice-cream Parlour which was near the (...Read full memory)