Wantage, The Square And Town Hall c.1950

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Memories of Wantage

We lived at 5 Tirrold Way on the Charlton Estate at Wantage just after I was born in 1949. My father George Nicholas worked at the Atomic Energy at Harwell and my parents were also the first occupants of these houses. My mother who is 83 years old feels sure that the Robinson family lived next door and that Susan and I played (...Read full memory)

I moved to Wantage with my parents Ted and Phyllis Willey and my brother Ken and sister Susan. At Garston Lane school one of my first friends was John Campbell who lived in Courtenay Road. We were aged 8. Another friend was Jim "Limmy" Lynch who became well known as guitarist in local bands. We still keep in touch and (...Read full memory)

Being of a young age by this time, twelve years old, I remember the market square being filled with motorbikes, with each the bike riders wearing leather jackets topped with a cut-off denim with this being decorated with many a metal stud, either coloured brass or silver, and sometimes framing what was a stencilled picture of (...Read full memory)

well sorry to say i dont come from Wantage but my mum did so ive had the pleasure of coming to see for myself what Wantage is like but i must say i could move here my mum was at Garston lane school way back in the 30s and also saint Marys my oldest sister was born in the cottage hospital in 1947 my mum was a Harris / Rolls (...Read full memory)

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