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Memories of Warnham, Ends Place 1927

I'm not prepared to reveal my real name online, however I was a child during the 70's the duration of which was spent in Warnham. This house belonged to some old dear I met only a couple of times, she was housebound and terribly old. She was cared for by the mother of my schoolfriend, whose name I also shan't (...Read full memory)

I too remember Ends Place from the early 1970s. The old Dear (how rude) as you put it was Mrs Gregson who did not suffer fools gladly but only ever showed me kindness and charm. I would visit her each Friday lunchtime for a chat and to pass the time of day. I would walk through this amazing house in my stocking feet (...Read full memory)

Hi Dad went there when he was about 10 years old, and I think back again at 13-ish, from 1953-1956-ish, I may have got the years slightly out. My dad, John Fitzpatrick, was telling me all about his memories of this school, does anyone remember him? He recalls having amazing (...Read full memory)

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