Memories of Warnham, Warnham Court 1924

I remember being sent to Warnham Court in Horsham as a young child. I lived in London at the time and I really don't know why I was sent there. I have had conflicting information that I may have been sick and was sent to the country for the fresh air or perhaps I was just unruly.  I have found out that Warnham (...Read full memory)

I have read a memory on this website of someone who was sent to Warnham Court as a child but does not really know why. I was sent there under identical circumstances. So like this other contributor I would be very interested to know the actual reason for children being sent there and what role Warnham (...Read full memory)

My memories of Warnham are happy ones, I too was sent from London at the time I believe it was because of my health as my Dad had TB and I was tested and proved positive, so had to leave the family home. I was in Wren dormitory and in Lewes house, my favourite teacher at the time was Miss Margaret (...Read full memory)

Hello, my name is Elaine Pierson, it was Elaine Williams when I was at Warnham Court School. I was there for my special dietary needs. I can remember a boy called John Walls and he had a cousin there called Terry Gascoinge and also there was my friend called Susan Chattaway, she lived in Fulham in Clem (...Read full memory)

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