Old Maps of Watchet

Historic Maps of Watchet and the local area.

We moved into 38, Mrs Stronach did a house swap with us. I don't remember her but I do remember the draft excluder she left behind for us. My Dad was Owen Binding, his Dad William played in the Watchet Town Band although I can't remember what he did. I was only 11 when my Dad died sadly so I don't remember many of his stories (...Read full memory)

I was born in February 1941 and have vague memories of living in Watchet sometime in 1943/1944 for a period of almost two years. My mother (Kathleen/Kitty) and her sister (Olive) rented a house which I believe was on the Doniford Road. My mother and I came down from London while my Aunt and her daughter (June) came from (...Read full memory)