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Northamptonshire Living Memories

Northamptonshire Living Memories

The photo 'Wellingborough, Wilby Swimming Pool c1950' appears in this book.

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Caption for Wellingborough, Wilby Swimming Pool C1950: The 1950s was the last decade of the supremacy of the open air pool. Most were rebuilt or covered over and replaced by the modern heated indoor pool. Here we see one on the outskirts of the town, now supplanted by the covered and heated 1960s Wellingborough Swimming Pool off Croyland Road.

An extract from Northamptonshire Living Memories.

Memories of Wellingborough, Wilby Swimming Pool c1950

I am now 87 years old. I lived in Wellingborough from 1936 until 1950 and spent many happy hours at Wilby Lido. There were fields where there are now houses and we would walk the fields and take a picnic, most week-ends. Memories of happy days spent there so long go.

I remember walking to the Lido from Earls Barton, with my sister May. We would take a picnic of cheese sandwiches and a bottle of water and stay there all day. As we got older it was the ideal place to eye up all the boys. Happy days! Isabel Marchant (then Wilson)

From the mid thirties until the building of the new swimming pool in Wellingborough. After the war in the late forties, fifties and sixties, the boys of Wellingborough Grammar School regularly had swimming lessons and their annual swimming gala here. Is this a picture of a swimming lesson?

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