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Those balmy hot summer days on school holidays in the early to mid. 50's. Walking down the lane at the side of Haygate Cemetery, across the Holyhead Road, up Earcall Lane (picking ripe blackberries) to the Forest Glen, stop off for an ice cream. Then to tackle the Wrekin. As kids full of energy we ignored the official path and took a shortcut - straight up the side to the Halfway House then up to the ...see more

I am interested in making contact with the descendants of Josiah Thomas, for exchange of research information and family memories. My Great Grandmother was Josiah's sister, Ophelia and married to Richard Evans of Llangurig. I can be contacted at, evanstylerancestry@gmail.com anytime. Ken Evans.

Added 24 February 2014
Remember the Church and War Memorial well. Although, sadly, a few more names had been added to it by 1970. My cub hut was located just behind the church and as young boys we used to try and scare each other as we walked past the graveyard to Church Steet where parents would wait to take us home.

My grandmother was named Violet May Purcell, born in May 1891. She emigrated to Canada as a young adult. Her father was Frederick Purcell, a wire cleaner; her mother was Ellen Purcell (nee Higginson). If anyone has additional information, please advise. Thank you.

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