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Wells Photographic Memories

Wells Photographic Memories

The photo 'Wells, Cathedral, Lightfoots Clock 1892' appears in this book.

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Caption for Wells, Cathedral Lightfoots Clock 1892: The astronomical clock, once thought to have been built by Peter Lightfoot, a monk at Glastonbury Abbey, was constructed in 1392 and has three dials. It is the second-oldest mechanical clock in Britain still working - the original works of the Wells clock still function in the Science Museum in London. Only Salisbury's clock is older, but it has no face. Knights joust above the dials; the same knight is struck back on his horse at every round. The clock shows two sets of twelve hours, the minutes, the sun's position, the moon's phases and the date of the lunar month. The visible parts of this clock are original, and were last repainted in 1727.

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Memories of Wells

During the Second World War there was an Italian prisoner of war camp at Penleigh, on the outskirts of Wells in Somerset. The Italian POWS were put out to work on local farms, and one of them was Gaetano Celestra, who had been a sculptor and mason before the war. When a stray enemy bomb fell at (...Read full memory)

I think the date at 1974 is correct but I would have been 6 then!! We owned all of what is Beechbarrow now and as a young man I had the run of the place! I hope the beech walk is still there, I built my first tree house in there! It was on the other side from the barn that Ron Chard had. Ron Chard was the farmer that (...Read full memory)

I'm surprised there are so few memories of Wells. In the late '60's to '70's I lived in nearby Shepton Mallet as a schoolboy & later worked on a farm there. At weekends my elder brother, Colin, would arrive on the coach from Bournemouth, where he worked for the MoD. This was usually on a Friday night, & he (...Read full memory)

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