Old Maps of Wentworth

Historic Maps of Wentworth and the local area.

Memories of Wentworth

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To get to school I had to get a bus from Wentworth to Parkgates, then one to Swinton and then another to Wath. Coming originally from East Yorkshire, Wath Grammar school opened my eyes to the different towns in the area of South Yorkshire. I am sure that mixing with these people of all walks of life made my life even richer.

My Grandfather was a stable lad and then coachman for Earl Fitzwilliam. My memories are of stories told to me by my later Mother, and of a wonderful photo of Grandad in full livery with silver topper and wonderful leather riding boots. So whenever I see Wentworth Woodhouse and the stables, I think of what it must have been like in (...Read full memory)