Old Maps of West Ewell

Historic Maps of West Ewell and the local area.

I was born in 1940 in Danetree Road The Plough was the `local` for my parents. After the war ended,my parents moved in to The Plough and managed it on behalf of the owners,Gill and Madge Turk.The main business was running bars in local halls (Chean Sutton and Epsom Baths)for Saturday night dances.My Dad drove a Ford van like (...Read full memory)

As a youngster I grew up living in Green Lanes - just around the corner from this photo. My friends and I used to sit on the bench seat that was by the flower bed and 'car number plate spot' as youngsters in about 1958, which is a few years before this photo was taken. We kept a notebook of numbers to try to see if we could (...Read full memory)