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Caption for Westcott, The Rookery 1904: The now-demolished birthplace of the economist Thomas Malthus, who prophesised the huge growth in human population and the need for birth control. His 'Essay on the Principle of Population' (1798) was written here. The children seem blissfully unaware.

An extract from Surrey.

Memories of Westcott

I remember walking down from Thorndale cottages on the old flint road taking a jug to be filled with ale for my grandfather Joseph Frank Brown and grandma May Brown and Miss Wheeler who lived next door no 3, happy memories

Stephen, I knew your father well from his days at Tooting and when he moved to The Prince of Wales in the 60's. I used to play keyboard with Colin Neilson on drums every month. Terribly loud stuff but good fun! Great guy, your father. Best regards Alan Cooper

I was landlord of the Crown from 1971 to 1973.  I was only 19 and apparently the youngest landlord in England at the time.  My father, Bernard Edmund had been landord at the Prince of Wales  across the road, for many years.   We had some wonderful times at The Crown.

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