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Other Memories from Westgate on Sea

I remember each time we went into the shop we got the smell of the paraffin , even now if I smell it it reminds me of his shop. ps you can keep the big DIY stores only things in packets staff who have no knowledge . take care

Pavs started as a large wooden hut made by Ray Henikier, a carpenter. I used to help him take down the hut in the late Autumn and put it back up the following spring. Then Pavs was rebuilt in block work. My father used to work for him after Dad retired from his job. My son, Steve, used to work for him as he was a chef. So my family has a lot of good memories of Pavs.

We spent all our warm summer holidays at Westgate. We lived in South London. My Grandmother lived in Quex Road and we had a caravan on St Crispens caravan site. I loved getting fish heads from the fish monger to go crabbing. I loved the level crossing gates, I also loved to stand on the footbridge next to the road bridge at the far end of the station to stand in the smoke from the steam trains. Very H & S. ...see more

I remember a air sea rescue helicopter crashing into a corn field but cannot find any records of this

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