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Caption for Wetherby, The Bridge 1909: The first bridge, built in 1235, was eleven feet wide. By 1773 the hump was lowered, and a second widening took place in 1826. All three stages can be seen from underneath the present bridge. Famous travellers over the Wharfe include Mary, Queen of Scots and Oliver Cromwell; the bridge was also used over many years by drovers, who took thousands of cattle south. Up to 1959 the bridge carried all the traffic of the Great North Road; then a new and very welcome by-pass bridge just to the east was opened by Ernest Marples, the Transport Minister. The telegraph pole, seen centre, was erected in the same year as the photograph.

An extract from West Yorkshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Wetherby

Reference Market Place photo c1965. Newsagent was Wards's paper shop and the chippy next door was known as the market place chippy, 6d for a bag of chips and scraps, yummy. A night at the Rodney Cinema, Barleyfields or Crypt Youth Club and a long walk home, the 6d was my bus fare. Happy days

I was 11 years old in 1965 and had moved to Wetherby in 1963. I walked around Bernards store several times. The shop across the side street from Bernards Store was a small Newsagent. The lampost in front of it was the pick up point for Tadcaster Grammar School pupils school bus. When this photograph was taken I was a (...Read full memory)

As a small boy around 1945/1947 walking home from Wetherby Church School I remember one day watching from the bridge as the mill was engulfed in flames and burning down. I wonder if anyone can provide the exact date or has a similar memory. I don't have any other memories of these schooldays other than sometimes being (...Read full memory)

I attended Church Street primary school from 1952. The building on the left with two large wooden doors was Mathews builders joiners shop. In the summer we would watch the joiners making windows,doors and stairs. I did eventually become a joiner . Victor Kendall.

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