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Memories of Wheatley Hill

Hi, my name is Shirley Cross, my name was Shirley Stokoe and I lived in Thornley. My dad's nme was Robert Stokoe, he has now passed away. My memories of Wheatley Hill are nice. I remember spending a lot of time there growing up. I used to go to Wheatley Hill School up on the hill, you could see it from Thornley, and I (...Read full memory)

If anyone were to ask me when I was most happy, I would have to go back some considerable time to those years spent in Wheatley Hill, more especially the late 1940s all of the 1950s and early 1960s. Truly magical times, as I'm sure a lot of those my age will agree. It always seemed to snow at Christmas time and (...Read full memory)

my mams older brother john stogdale also went to stoke on trent to work at the pit ,I also can remember the name Thompson did they live opposite the cemetery .

I remember the Queen riding through Wheatly Hill and the flag was 1960 so I was 4at the time.i remember trudging through the snow along a main street to go to school,this must have been Wheatley Hill school and I remebr the name Mrs Hartnell ?? Perhaps she was my teacher.i also remember sitting in the (...Read full memory)

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