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This wonderful Heath Robinson-like piece of horological fantasy made a tour of seaside resorts in the l950s. I took some of my blind friends to 'see' it, and they were allowed to touch it as well as to hear the extraordinary sounds it produced thanks to its striking mechanism.

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Became the Smugglers Cafe I think

Wonderful Experience spent my sixteenth birthday at the school, Memories fade, I believe my house master was a Mr Morrell? My badge was all blue, I had to go to his room for my assessment sat in front of a blazing log fire. We had a lecture by I believe a famous mountaineer (the 1st Ascent of the Mustagh Tower!!?) one of the instructors, had a red sports car, spent a lot of time fishing in the Tarn, and was writing a ...see more

In the above picture, the two cobles in the background are Jean (right) and Valerie (the smaller one), and the one with a man on the foredeck is Enterprise WY.47 my Dad's coble, and that is Dad painting the foredeck. Enterprise was built as a open coble in Amble, Northumberland in 1947 and Dad had her half decked in Whitby by Will Clarkson who was a well known boat builder and whose yard was further up the river. The coble ...see more

Added 11 September 2012
I have been looking for Ellisons Yard in Baxtergate, the birth place of my grandmother, Mary Jane Boyes. I have been left Whitby for some 45 years now and have started to do my family tree. Gran was born in 1889 along with several other siblings. Her father's name was William Wright Boyes born 1861 and mother's name was Alice Boyes, nee Harland, born 1864. There are lots of Yards along Baxtergate, ...see more

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