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Caption for Whitchurch, High Street C1955: The High Street is a long one on the main Aylesbury to Buckingham road. This view, looking south towards Aylesbury, shows some of the range of buildings, including the rendered and jettied Tudor House in the middle distance. The church is off a lane to the left out of the picture. The road is needless to say considerably more busy nowadays.

An extract from Aylesbury Photographic Memories.

Memories of Whitchurch

I lived in the row of cottages on Market Hill from 1943 to 1944.

My mother and father moved into number 1 Church Lane, just seen on the right of the picture, in the 1950s. Four children were born in that house and were christened in the church. It remained our family home until sold in 1993. My mother father and brother are buried in the church yard. My mother Jean (...Read full memory)

I have found the love of my life, Sandy Tickner, thank you for your help in finding her, it has made my life a whole lot better.

I spent many days in Whitchurch, where my first love of my life lived, Sandra Tickner. I would love to get in touch with her again, and see how our lives have been, without each other. Many great times were had in the village. I also remember Gillian Bond and Audrey Radwell, they were school friends of mine.

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