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Caption for Whitehead, Blackhead 1897: At 15 miles from Belfast, this was the obvious destination for the day tripper. This perfect walking territory is within yards of the town. The railway company was still working to extend the path round Blackhead, and the shelters have the unmistakable stamp of railway architecture about them. Soon it was claimed that the visitors amounted to thousands. There was no sign yet of the lighthouse, which was to be erected by the Commissioners of Irish Lights under pressure from the Belfast Shippers.

An extract from Belfast Photographic Memories.

Memories of Whitehead

My childhood memories go to Ballyclare, Blackhead, Carrickfergus and last but not least, dear Whitehead. My late mother came from Whitehead, and as children, my sister and I often had wonderful holidays with relations, exploring the town and surroundings, especially walking to Blackhead up and around back to Whitehead..one time, (...Read full memory)

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