Memories of Whiteparish

I have many fond memories of Whiteparish. My Gran and "Uncle Stan" (Stan and Florrie Pulford) had that pub for a few years until about 1975. The pub looks very different now but I can still picture my sisters and myself running around the bars in the afternoons after closing and listening (at the door from the stairs) to the merry voices from the bar.

My great-grandfather's name was Woodford and I believe that he was the post master for Whiteparish during the Second World War. I know very little of that side of my family and for myself and my children, I wish to learn more about the Woodfords. If any resident has any details or knows where I might  find some it would be much appreciated.

My great-aunt and uncle, Edna and Jack Hyde, lived all their married life in Whiteparish. Jack Hyde started working from about 14 years old, in the saddler's shop. Mr Till owned the shop. When Mr Till passed away, Jack carried on the business, and worked there up until he retired. He had worked there for 50 (...Read full memory)

My family moved to The Research Station at Forest Road, Redlynch at the end of the war, and from there to a house in Moot Lane, Downton. My father (Oliver) was in the Royal Artillery during the 1914 - 1918 war, and my eldest brother (Oliver) joined the Royal Artillery when we lived at Godshill. My next eldest (...Read full memory)

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