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Heart of Lancashire Photographic Memories

Heart of Lancashire Photographic Memories

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Caption for Whitewell, 1921: When our photograph was taken, Whitewell really was just a small and remote community. Being so near the old Roman road from Manchester to York, and being so well-placed on many routes, it has always had a reputation for putting up visitors and travellers. There was once a royal hunting forest next to Whitewell, and that brought in the aristocracy of past times.

An extract from Heart of Lancashire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Whitewell

The house in the foreground is known as Seedhill Cottage.  My family lived there from the mid sixties to late seventies. My father was the gamekeeper for the local shoot and water baliff for Whitewell area. My mother was the school cook at Dunsop Bridge. My sister and brother attended school in Dunsop. The family moved to (...Read full memory)

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