Memories of Whitstable

My mother was 19 when I was born. We were living above The Wool Shop in Swalecliffe, on the corner, opposite the railway bridge I actually have an uncanny memory of that time. I must have been under 2 years old, as we moved to London then. Apparently, I was an 'escaper'. I had climbed out of my pram and crawled (...Read full memory)

my grandparents owned the creamery shop (Margaret and Fred Hoare) just down from the water front. We used to go in summer to stay in the attic rooms above the shop. It is now a sewing machine shop but the photo's give me very fond memories of the fishermen mending there nets the old way with a wooden hand held ??? was (...Read full memory)

My Auntie Peggy was born in Gillingham in 1922 and her younger sister (my mum) in 1925. I have a tiny photo of Peggy, Mum and their friend Moira sitting at the top of a grassy hill on tin trays, ready to slide down the slope. This would have been around 1930. Mum died a few years ago so I just have my memories of (...Read full memory)

Can anyone remember the old Whitstable fish bar in Oxford Street I managed it in 1973. During the power cuts we were the only chippy in Whitstable to be open during the cuts as we had a natural flu the owner was bill I cannot remember his sir name but we ran lights from a car that was parked on the (...Read full memory)

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