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Memories of Whitton, High Street c1965

I lived above Mr Gilbert's the Wet fish Shop in December 1969, when my daughter was born in February 1970 I used to buy lots of bits from the Donkey Shop, also there was a lovely Baby Shop, Clark's Shoe Shop, Toy Shop & a Cycle Shop. On the bridge was a lovely Wool Shop. We also had (...Read full memory)

The photo shows the Nelson Pub end of Whitton High St. At the bottom right of the picture, my Mother Eleanor Wright, can be seen coming out of Williams the Grocers where my retired father Alfred Wright worked as a cleaner part time. The large building in the background was the Odeon Cinema, where my sister held her (...Read full memory)

When I lived in Whitton during the 70's/80's there was a story going about a murder that happened around 1964. Apparently a man murdered both his parents then tried to kill himself. I have tried to find details of this on the web and in books, but can find nothing. Does anyone know if it was true or was it just an urban myth?.....Thanks.

Does anyone remember a sequence from the tv show minder being filmed in Percy Road in the early eighties? It was at a house a couple of doors along from Pauline Crescent heading south.

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