Wickford, Southend Road c.1960

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Memories of Wickford

My grandparents moved to 49 Highcliffe Road in 1947. They were one of the first families to move into the new council houses. There they raised their six children, three of whom went to Beauchamps School. My mother and her sister both went to Chelmsford Grammar School after passing the 11 plus & 13 plus (...Read full memory)

Right, I may be showing my age now and out of the blue finding this on the internet about 1973/1974. its about Alvin Stardust and his Mum at Wickford BR Station, for some bazaar reason at the age of 13 myself and a mate David Hook we used to travel from Harold Hill ( aka arnold 'ill) to look (...Read full memory)

My name is Kevin Mears, I lived in Wickford from my birth in 1958 until I got married in 1980. I shall describe my memories of Wickford in the 1960s and 1970s as a couple of walks around the Wickford area. The next walk again starts at the Shotgate Baptist church and ends (...Read full memory)

This is Deirdre Avenue - one of the roads I endeavoured to deliver newspapers on frosty cold mornings at the age of 12 years, I had to get up at 06.00am,  rush straight out without a cup of tea, pop into Andrew's Newsagent, and get my sack. My other road I delivered to was Louvaine Avenue.

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