Memories of Widnes, Swimming Pool c1965

I too was dragged to Widnes Swimming Baths once a week when I attended Wade Deacon Grammar School, accompanied by Miss Lewis, a tiny, wiry lady in her grey skirted shorts, white tee shirt and a whistle permanently hanging around her neck on a blue tape. To my shame I was, and still am terrified of water, and a non-swimmer. Miss (...Read full memory)

How brilliant to find this website. I am a Widnesian born and bred and loved this photo of the baths. I lived across the road in Princes Street and used to go every night after school, I went to Kingsway School.

I used to get dragged here for swimming lessons once a week when I was at Wade Deacon. Mr Learmouth (I think) the P.E. master always used to call me "Price" for some unknown reason, anyway I never learned to swim!

I was born in Moss Bank in 1945 and had 3 brothers and one sister; my maiden name was O Connor. We lived at 12 Brown St and I have many happy memories of my first 11 years there. I went on to Notre Dame School in St Helens. I married Jim Edge from Alexander Drive in ditto and he used to work at the old Widnes baths. We now live in Australia but we still try to visit Widnes as often as we can.

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