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Greater Manchester Photographic Memories

Greater Manchester Photographic Memories

The photo 'Wigan, Haigh Park, Entrance Gate 1895' appears in this book

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Caption for Wigan, Haigh Park, Entrance Gate 1895: The arched gate and the lodges at the entrance to Haigh Park are thought to date from c1840. The 200-acre estate was acquired by the corporation in 1947; the hall now houses a local history museum, and is also used for exhibitions.

An extract from Greater Manchester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Wigan, Haigh Park, Entrance Gate 1895

Well not just for the 1930's but for twenty years after as well.  Memories come flooding back - not just for this picture but for Wigan itself.  I was born there in 1931 - in my grandparents home 38, Dicconson Street - a section no longer in existence although others that belonged to my gt Uncles do remain intact but in a (...Read full memory)

Wigan-made clogs always did have a reputation even way back when - so it's nice to have this confirmation of their quality holding up even to today. I've even discovered that one of my ancestors made his living as a Boot and Clog Repairer having been Apprenticed to a Clogger at a very young age (...Read full memory)

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