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Curzon Cres - a Memory of Willesden.

i lived until 1965, went to bridge road school.i remember the school journey to the iow.anyone else go?
im terry chapman

A memory shared by Terry Chapman on Jul 26th, 2017. Send Terry Chapman a message

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Thu Mar 28th 2019, at 12:33 pm
christine11553 commented:
Gosh forgot about that one, went to watch Princess Maragret weddings there, went with my Nan, no TVs then, they have tried to renovate Church Road, without much success, not one of the areas I feel safe in, I remember when it was a lovely shopping area, Woolworth's always comes to mind, and broken biscuits, Tony Bros the ice cream shop, Rolls the fish and chip shop and Dawson's spring to mind, the cake shop. The fish and chip shop and cake shop are still there different owners obviously, can you remember any of the people at Bridge Road, any names I may remember , my sister is on facebook she sent me the picture of King Eddy pool, I use to love going there it was like a day out, we always took a picnic, I still go to the park , again to walk my dog, still kept well, same a roundwood park, although the clock has gone, but the gardens are still maintained beautifully, they filmed an advert there sometimes last year, happened to recognise it on the commercials one day, when I left bridge road, I went on to Wesley Road, I met a girl on my first day there, we still talk on the phone once a month even now. anyone lovely sharing memories if I think of anything else will share.
Thu Mar 21st 2019, at 5:21 pm
Terry Chapman commented:
the Granada in Church Road???
Thu Mar 21st 2019, at 5:20 pm
Terry Chapman commented:
Yes you were!!
It was Miss martin -Dye and Mr Searles who Ive since found out was a bit 'iffy' with little boys???
I lived in Dover Court,Curzen Cres.,not far from Roundwood. yes.I remember the funfairs and the live steam train in fact Ive got my own steam engine now!!! I used tolove the clock in the park covered with flowers although its gone now I believe? I dont know if your on FB but there is a group called memories of Willesden.Got some great shots of King Eddys pool with the concrete boat there. Did you know that a lot of the TV series 'Minder' was filmed in Church Road?
Great days for us kids.......x
Thu Mar 21st 2019, at 5:15 pm
christine11553 commented:
morning pictures was another thing always something to do Good Times children these days don't believe we had to make our own pleasure. Christine
Thu Mar 21st 2019, at 5:13 pm
christine11553 commented:
Oh I was right then, as this was my first ever holiday it holds so many memories, I have been back a number of times, my son actually had his caravan there for a couple of years, so I was able to visit when he was there, it was moored in Brightstone, we went back to Alum Bay, they still have the cable cars there, and America woods, although I think it's has a new name now, ,of course then there was Shanklin with its thatched roof cottages, I went back Sandown to see if I could find the hotel, I can remember when we went to the beach there wasn't many people there, now its so crowded, commercialised, takeaways, ice cream everywhere none of that when we were there, do you remember who our teachers were I know our one was Ms Martydye, there was also a Mr Searle, I shared a room with a girl in my class named Caroline Johnson, I think she lived off the Brentfield Road, cannot be sure about that. I do remember the chats after dinner I seem to recall the owners of the hotel having a dog, would you believe I am living in Willesden at the moment, I moved away for a number of years but returned about twelve years ago, my sister and I love local history, we talk about it all the time, Church Road, Roundwood Park, do you remember the Roundwood show, we always went there with the school and the highlight of the day was the free apple, how about the little train they use to have there, and then there was the funfair didn't like the rides but love visiting with my Aunt, was like an outing , King Edwards Park, with the paddling pool with the concrete boat in the middle, I loved my childhood so different , in those days you could go out, play in the streets, you never came to any harm, the neighbours always look out for each other, we did so much Saturday
Thu Mar 21st 2019, at 12:28 pm
Terry Chapman commented:
Hi Christine, Yes it was the Alexander hotel and pink!
I remember so much of that school journey. Carisbrooke castle,America woods etc.I remember the little get togethers in the evenings to talk about what we had done that day.
Great times. Where are you living now? Im in Stevenage.
Terry XXXX
Thu Mar 21st 2019, at 12:15 pm
christine11553 commented:
Yes I went to Bridge Road School, I also went on the school journey as well, first time away from home, got a bit homesick the first couple of days , after that I loved, can still remember various place we visited, I think we stayed in Sandown was the hotel painted pink ?

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