Willesden, Milk Float, Walm Lane c.1965

Memories of Willesden

I was born in Park Royal hospital in Feb 1952 then taken home to 70 Craven Park Road spitting distance from Harlesden police station. Just across the road from our family doctor, (Dr Curtis) not much bedside manor, but a great doctor. After 3 years we moved in with my mothers mother in 18 Mead Plat, just (...Read full memory)

Willesden High Road leads past Willesden Green tube station and on towards St Gabriels Church. It was opposite this church that I lived for the first few months of my life in 1945 with my mother and my grandmother, Florence Norfolk, in a rented flat on the third floor of Melrose Mansions on the junction of (...Read full memory)

I used to live in Drayton Road, Harlesden. I lived next door to the police flats where I used to play with my friends. I am looking for Carol Foster who used to live in the police flats. Had a very enjoyable childhood. I went to Pound Lane school, then I worked at British Railway in Paddington, and worked with a girl (...Read full memory)

My brother and I were born in Central Middlesex Hospital, me in 1949, my brother in 1953. We lived in Harlesden High Street in the late 40's early 50's. We lived above the tailor, John Collier - its now Jasmine's , at 103a High Street. I remember as a small child looking out of the window and watching all the cars (...Read full memory)

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