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We moved from Eastbourne to Wannock Lane, Willingdon in 1963 as my mother felt it would be a nice place for us to grow up at the foot of the Downs. It certainly was, Willingdon School fulfilled us academically & athletically. I still have contact with old school friends from Willingdon who are scattered all over (...Read full memory)

My granny and grandad ran the Post Office in Lower Willingdon from about 1948 - 1958. They were called Ernest and Ethel Brierley. Does anyone out there remember them? Thanks Angela Jennings

I had a wonderful childhood in Lower Willingdon - we lived, my brother and I, in a bungalow in St Annes Road and went to the village school in Upper Willingdon where Mr Morrell was the headmaster. I remember in the playground was a stone shelter left over from the war where we used to play sometimes. I remember one of (...Read full memory)

My grandad, Joseph Woodgate, was the builder that built a lot of early Wannock Avenue's houses and bungalows. He built Wee Cott - one the first houses to be built which had a very large monkey puzzle tree in the garden, until the hurricane of 1986 and my dad was born there. I have pictures of Hazel Grove under (...Read full memory)

We went to Wannock Gardens in a minibus, which belonged to the Hucks family of Burham Nr Rochester. I remember getting into trouble with my nan for sipping tea out of a saucer, like some of the old ladies were doing.

Also my Uncle Ken was born there too. My grandfather lived there and worked at Ratton Manor. As I am researching the family history, does anyone have any information on the Manor, which was owned by Lord and Lady Willingdon? If so, email me please with any info at:

My grandmother, whose name was Beth Parris, lived at 29 Wish Hill, the row of cottages just before the Red Lion which is on the left as you look at the photo, with sister Eva and brother Ken The whole family were well known to all. By the way, II am researching the family history so anyone who has info on the Parris family or (...Read full memory)

My paternal grandmother`s sister, Aunt Lil (Lily) and husband Uncle Perc (Percy) Noakes lived down the narrow pathway in the middle of the Southdown Cottages. As a child we used to visit them and I remember they had a cottage garden. Originally those cottages at the back were Tea Rooms. Uncle Perc was the local (...Read full memory)

I had no idea Mr Wootton could be so fierce! I worked at Wannock Gardens during my summer holidays fifty-odd years ago, along with a very interesting mix of people, old and young. Roger Tanner

Mr Holter was my grandad! I have great memories of the shop at the triangle but no pictures, can anyone help?