Old Maps of Winchmore Hill

Historic Maps of Winchmore Hill and the local area.

I lived in Oakwood in the 1950's and had friends who lived in Winchmore Hill so knew the area well, and went to Minchenden school from 1954 to 1956 to do 'A' levels. I remember Evans and Davies where the money whizzed across the shop to the cashier. Often went to the Intimate Theatre and saw some good (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of Winchmore Hill where I was born in 1937. We lived in Hadley Way till about 1949, then moved to Slades Hill in Enfield. I went to St Pauls School (Mr Gayler) then Minchenden. I well remember The Intimate Theatre where a 'waitress' with white apron served tea from a trolley in the interval! Also (...Read full memory)