Old Maps of Windlesham

Historic Maps of Windlesham and the local area.

Hello from Canada - My great-grandparents, James Elliott and Ann Collyer, were married in Windlesham on July 8th 1865. It is great to see the photos what with me being so far away. I was hoping there would be a photo of the church. They were C of E.  Still it is wonderful to see photos of the town. Thank you. Best regards. Barbara

I was born in Windlesham down Broadley Green, 30th June 1973. I have memories that make me smile from ear to ear, playing in the corn fields, going to the jumble sales up Chertsey Rd Hall, playing man hunt up the rec. Fruit and veg man driving his grey van down our road, shortly after the ice cream van on a Sunday. My (...Read full memory)