Memories of Windsor

At the foot of Windsor Castle on the Datchet Road is St. George's private school, which is within the castle grounds. My mother's mother (my gran), worked in the kitchen there. When I was small (about 10), we would go every Sunday and sit in the parlour with gran and a man called 'deafy', and a lady who smoked and had (...Read full memory)

A great job transforming this old lady into a viable and attractive entrance to Windsor from the Slough station, where tourists arrive from all parts of the country. An improvement from the dirty, smoke stained facade that it was when I was in nursery school a few doors away.

I've been here - to this very spot, with the precious women of my life - my Mom when I was a child, and with my children when they were women.  How can it be that it looks exactly the same in 1890, 1971 and 2001?  I can feel the cool brick under my hand, and see the flowers over the edge.  I wanted to jump down and walk there (...Read full memory)

My Mother owned the Kings Head and i worked in the reastaurant with her she done all home baking and had Eton College lads and there familys eating there,also a great trade was the Army lads from both barracks,I married one in 1956,we are retired to somerset but my heart will always be in Windsor,we served teas to the queues (...Read full memory)

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