Memories of Winnersh

Music at The Forest Grammar School I taught music at 'The Forest' - 1954 - 1964. Thence to New Guinea (which I thought was in Africa! - geography not a strong point). For those who may be interested my website is at http//: Anyone remember our production of 'The Pirates'? I (...Read full memory)

This fine school {formerly Woodley Hill} was opened in 1957. I was lucky enough to be one of 150 pupils who passed the 11plus {God knows how} and thus was one of the first intake, a real privilege although I didn't realise it at the time. I was cursed with the surname BRIGHT which I hated with a (...Read full memory)

The Royal Merchant Navy School As far back as 1827 the Royal Merchant Navy School was established under the name of the Merchant Seaman's Orphan Asylum to provide a home for the destitute offspring of British Merchant Navy Seamen, with a view of assisting and benefiting them when disease, accident or (...Read full memory)

I arrived at Winnersh Halt Railway Station for the first time in 1946, aged 8 years. I had travelled by train from Newcastle upon Tyne with my suitcase and a label pinned to my coat accompanied only by other returning pupils. I was to start an eight year period at Boarding School, then known as (...Read full memory)

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