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Canals and Waterways
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Canals and Waterways

Peaceful and thought-provoking scenes of life down by the water.

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Caption for Wisbech, The Canal 1929: Wisbech's five mile-long canal once connected the villages of Outwell and Upwell with the River Nene at Wisbech. It has since been filled in and closed down. Wisbech is the capital of the Fens. It was once a strategic seaport, where coasters transhipped their cargoes into fenland lighters. Yet the tides have played the town foul over the centuries, silting up successive estuaries of the River Nene so that now the town is stranded ten miles from the sea. However, ships still struggle in to berth at the quaysides of the town. At low tide they are knee deep in mud. In this view of the canal, the old lock is in the background.

Memories of Wisbech, the Canal 1929

For those of you that don't know, if you are driving along Churchill Road in a Westerly direction, approaching Freedom Bridge Roundabout, this is where you would be in the picture.

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