Old Maps of Wiveliscombe

Historic Maps of Wiveliscombe and the local area.

I remember being taken to Wiveliscombe as a young boy in my Uncle Jim's dark green Standard Vanguard, he ran the Rock Inn at Waterrow 1954- 1965. He would take me to the toy shop at Wiveliscombe Square called Richards and Lanes (later became Twiggers) to buy me a Dinky or Corgi car. I was only four in (...Read full memory)

Here is another tale of recollection of the Wiveliscombe Donkey Derby. In November 1967 we had moved from the New Forest to Uppingtons, 6 High Street Wiveliscombe, a strange 3 floored Georgian house that sat between the Chemist and the cake shop/restaurant ran by Mr Rates. Wivey was a thriving little (...Read full memory)