Memories of Woking, c1965

Who remembers Skeet and Jeffes.I worked there for 3 years in the 1970s .It was one big happy family.I played for their football team which was called 'Essjay FC'....get it.We used to work Saturday mornings then meet at the Red House pub before going off to play our home matches at Wheatsheaf Park.....very happy days.

This is a picture of the main entrance gates of Woking County School for Girls, known as the Girls' Grammar School, at the corner of East Hill and Old Woking Road. Girls were never permitted to use these gates: alternative means of access were to the right and left of the gates shown in this pic. The (...Read full memory)

A brand new, purpose-built school. It was light and airy, kept very clean, and had some luxurious touches! A beautiful carpeted library, a small apartment for teaching domestic science, plus a hall and gym which were separated by a folding screen, so that they could be used as one enormous hall for Speech Day. (...Read full memory)

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