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Berkshire Photographic Memories

Berkshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Wokingham, Market Square 1906' appears in this book.

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Caption for Wokingham, Market Square 1906: Wokingham's triangular market place is the town's focal point; it is dominated by its red brick Victorian town hall, which is triangular in shape and replaces a 17th-century timber-framed building.

An extract from Berkshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Wokingham

This holiday camp was known as California in England and was owned by the Cartledge family.  Mr Cartledge ran the holiday camp and Mrs Cartledge ran the Red Puppet cafe in Wokingham's Peach Street for some time, where a group of boys from the Forest school and girls from the Holt would meet for coffee on the way home from school.

We were the Clarks who lived at 'Cotswold' Nine Mile Ride, out of Wokingham. I would sit on our front gate with pencil and paper taking number plates of cars going past to California. My mother rode her bicycle to work in Wokingham, sometimes in icy tracks left by the bus which I caught to school. My friends were the (...Read full memory)

It was the year President Kennedy was assassinated. My two sisters and I lived with my Grandparents, Bob and Katie Myram at Home Farm, Bearwood. My mum was ill in the U.S. and we stayed for the year with my grandparents. We attended Bearwood County Primary School and Mr. Sparrow was my beloved teacher! I have such (...Read full memory)

When my parents moved to Wokingham in 1950 I understand that it had a popululation of 5,000 and my memories are of a sleepy market town. I gather the population is now about 60,000 and it certainly shows when I return - it seems very built up and very busy. We lived in Easthampstead Road and I see that this road now (...Read full memory)

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