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Grandad was a Winder at Cortonwood Colliery. Lived at 53 Knollbeck Lane.Well known for his model railway in the garden. Variously known as Joe, Job and sometimes Alfred Job Wright. My Dad Sidney now gone some ten years since. Well known model maker. Memories of Traction Bus turning round in junction opposite, walks to (...Read full memory)

Hi, I was born in Wombwell at my Grandparents home in Cemetary Rd. My Grandad was the manager of the Co-op grocery shop on high st. George Woolston. My mum was born in Wombwell and her brother. What i remember and loved was , my Grandad had a party each christmas for his staff , and the Salvation Army used (...Read full memory)

Came across this place by accident - glad I did. I spent the first 11 years of life down Hawson Street, before moving to Aldham House Estate. I can still remember the "old gas works" the other side of the canal, and the glass works not too far away. Getting on the steam train at Wombwell West (...Read full memory)

Valerie Dobson formaly schofield born and bred on the main row going to the woods paddling in the stream in the woods playing in the cricket field had some good times .going to wombwell lsecondry modern school left there in 1959 we where in the huts at the top of the school yard called the horse huts I wondered (...Read full memory)

Several years ago my twin sister Jane and I hosted two reunions inviting family, friends of Wombwell Main and the Secondary School. Both evenings were a success at the Cricket Club also one of the happiest of our lives. We still look back meeting friends whom we have not seen in decades. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

I'm trying to find anything or anyone who knows about my ancestors; Harry and his brothers, Fred & William Winder, who lived here in the late 1880's.

Moved to Wombwell with my family about 1953, happy days roaming round the fields and messing about in the dyke and the cricket field. We had goats, these could sometimes be seen munching there way thro' everything they could - sometimes even the grass on the outfield of the cricket pitch. Not far from where we lived (...Read full memory)

I remember Cliff and his brother Eric. I also remember his lovely sisters, we all mated about with the Wainwrights, Bomber Pearson, Alan Stott, the Cross brothers and Johnny Jackson. Bird nesting under the viaduct, going down to willow to the swing over the dyke...they were good days. Wombwell Bath dances were good times.

As I mentioned in my memories of Brampton - Cortonwood - I also mentioned Tingles Ice Cream - The man driving the cart was not a member of the Tingle family - his name was Riley who worked occasionally for the Tingle family. I would like to add that my memory is a fond one of tough times.

I somehow remember your name (Barry Gillis) but not quite sure why. Also remember David Wilkinson possibly from Kings Road School. I do remember Josephine Pickles and her friend Josephine Watson also from Windmill Road. I left Wombwell in 1963 so do not know what happened to many friends of my own age. I have fond (...Read full memory)