Memories of Wombwell

Its interesting to hear about the new school that will combine Wombwell High school and Darfield Foulston which will open its doors to students in September. The name will be Netherwood, the Advanced Learning Centre.The school is located off Pitt Street, Wombwell, on the site of the (...Read full memory)

I have lived in Canada now for fifty two years and manage to return to Wombwell to meet old acquaintences. My childhood started in Womwell in 1943, first going to Park Street School and then on to the Modern School. I too danced at the Baths Hall with my brother and sister. We are the Whitehead family, once living on Milton (...Read full memory)

I remember playing down the hillies on what is now Wombwell Golf Course. This area was once a thriving pit, until in 1857 a large explosion brought death and misery to the area called Lundhill. 189 men and boys were killed. After a great deal of reseach I found out that 2 of my ancestors were amongst the dead. My book (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1936 at Concrete Cottages - Brampton. I would appreciate any photos of these old miners' cottages. My sister Margaret died there at the tender age of 10 years. My father was a miner at Darfield Main, we moved to Rother Street when I was 5 years old. I remember moving our few sticks of (...Read full memory)

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