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Caption for Wood Green, Alexandra Palace C1965: The Palace was built to rival the Crystal Palace on Sydenham Hill in South London. A former International Exhibition Hall, and a 'Peoples Palace', the first building was designed by John Johnson and Alfred Meeson, and opened in 1873. Sixteen days later it was burnt down, and was rebuilt by John Johnson to re-open in 1875. It was never a great success; part was leased to the BBC in 1934, and television broadcasts began in 1936. In 1966 the Greater London Council took over the building, and in 1980 it passed on to Haringey Borough Council. Following yet another serious fire, the Palace was restored in 1980-88 by the Alexandra Palace Development Team. Although much of the building is now in regular use, the integral theatre remains desperately in need of restoration.

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Noel Park Estate was established in the 1890's with brand new homes being built. Amongst the new tenants were the Webb family who moved into 93 Westbeech Road on the 5th Dec,1892, as well as the Oakes family who moved into No 57, plus William and Emma Lawrance who moved into a new home at No (...Read full memory)

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