Memories of Woodhouse Eaves

I had a two week stay at the convalescent home following an operation to remove my tonsils.It was 1957/58 I was 7yrs old and the worst two weeks of my life.I too remember having to write a letter home. I had to dictate this letter to a nurse.Before we started I asked if I could go to the toilet and the nurse said no, I (...Read full memory)

I think this was the convalescent home I was sent to in 1947 when I was 5 years old. My family referred to it as "Charnwood" which is confusing me. The picture is vaguely familiar.though. I was very unhappy there and the nursing staff and matron seemed heartless and stupid! I was sent there because I had (...Read full memory)

My name is Carl Wilkinson and I was born in 1954 and up until I was 14 I suffered from very bad Asthma my doctor said I had a church organ in my chest that was out of tune, so I was sent there I think in 1959 for the better air there was there, it had to be better than the air in Edwards lane, Nottingham, I can (...Read full memory)

We moved to Nanpantan from Birmingham in 1949, I was almost 6 years old. We lived there down Snells Nook Lane until 1954 when we moved to Kent. I loved Nanpantan and its area and have always considered it home. My best friend was Diane Mathes who lived at Alton Lodge in Snells Nook Lane and also Janet Smith and (...Read full memory)

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