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Caption for Wookey Hole, The Cave, Lake And Island 1896: The caves were formed about 400 million years ago by the rainwater boring through the limestone. The underground streams and lakes, which swirled around to form caverns, finally emerge as the river Axe. Until 1948 divers had only been able to reach and explore Chamber 9. A tunnel was opened in 1975 to permit the public to visit previously inaccessible chambers, and modern divers have explored as far as Chamber 25. The caves contain the deepest sump in Britain at 67m.

An extract from Wells Photographic Memories.

Memories of Wookey Hole

I have an old letter from a Miss P Hill who lived at Summerleaze Cottage in the mid sixties. Sadly, we lost touch. Does anyone know of Summerleaze Cottage, Wookey, please, or of Miss Hill? Thank you.

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